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Using glycolic acid, a chemical peel is used to stimulate collagen production to loosen and remove dead skin cells.

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They reduce fine lines, minimize scarring, and correct skin discoloration from sun damage.Like all peels, a chemical solution is applied to the skin and allowed to soak.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin, a chemical peel might be exactly what the doctor ordered.Celebrity Esthetician Shani Darden works with the likes of Jessica Alba and Emmy Rossum.

Discover how chemical peels and SkinCeuticals products work synergistically to yield optimal results.

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We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Glycolic acid is a specially formulated extract from sugar cane.

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After the chemical peel, new skin is smoother and healthier than the old skin, and may also be more even in colour.

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A chemical peel gives you a chance to remove the damaged top layers of your skin and reveal healthier new skin underneath.

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The level of penetration, destruction and inflammation determines the level of peeling.

The thickness of the skin, the pre-peel use of creams, the type of cleansing the day of the peel, the TCA concentration, how hard the chemical is rubbed in, how many strokes the surgeon uses to apply the peel, and how the peel is cared for afterward all affect the result.It contains a special formula to brighten up your skin tone and complexion through micro-peeling.Yes, there are many incredible benefits to doing chemical peels as long as they are tailored for your skin type.With an array of options that can be chosen to suit your needs, chemical peel treatment can help you achieve the skin texture and tone you desire.Current recommendations on chemical peels are based on limited past evidence, thus neglecting other potentially important data.

Discover the benefits, risks, side effects, and dangers of the various types of chemical peels.

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The chemical peel can be combined with other aesthetic medicine techniques such as hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum toxin or botox injections, mesotherapy … etc.A chemical peel can diminish many signs of aging on the face as well as the hands, neck, and chest.

Dermatologists use chemical peels to treat some types of acne and conditions that discolor the skin.

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