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Used by Chinese warriors as a form of attack as well as self-defense.Yang Style Tai Chi, Tai Chi and Chigung instruction for health and fitness.Mental, physical, and spiritual development are the cornerstones of this system.

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Like most southern style kung fu, it has limited kicks and jumps and consisted mainly of fist, palm and clawing techniques.While sharing many similar features to styles like Wuzuquan, Huzunquan, and many others from the same region, this southern style of Chinese boxing has the unique feature of specializing in takedowns, Chin Na, and ground.

About White Lotus Kung Fu We practice traditional Kung Fu as taught for thousands of years in Shaolin.Bruce Lee, The Tao of Gung Fu follows with a section on Kung Fu techniques.

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The current films that use the same settings and themes and time periods never quite match that feeling.Specializing in training in Shaolin Five formed Fist Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Filipino Kali.

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Our school follows the heritage of the Chinese Shaolin temple.Buy low price, high quality white lotus kung fu with worldwide shipping on AliExpress.com.

Depending on the style, kung fu practitioners may also possess knowledge of throws and joint locks.As a sequel to Executioners from Shaolin, this standard kung-fu actioner features Liu Jiahui as the fighter Hong Wending whose friends have been killed by the seditious White Lotus Society. He.

A multi-published author, stunt coordinator and kung-fu instructor, Wong is considered one of Chinese.

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Shaolin Monks practicing Kung Fu Often referred to as the Grandfather of hand-to-hand fighting, Kung Fu has been practiced for centuries in its land of origin, China.

It is a lethal style, not modified for sporting applications.Bak-Mei emphasizes the techniques of Leopard Kung Fu and its strikes are executed with fluidity and power via Fa jin.Kung fu is primarily a striking style of martial arts that utilizes kicks, blocks, and both open and closed hand strikes to defend against attackers.

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Hardening the forearms especially is considered essential to the style as it makes such extensive use of them. Depending.

Some of these applications involve throwing, takedowns, and restraining techniques.

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Learn about the true arts (Gong Ka) of Asia for personal development and self-knowledge.

White Lotus is a fighting style used by Kung Lao in Shaolin Monks.There are a variety of styles, but they all share the same root: striking your opponent with lightening speed and unstoppable power.

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The White Lotus System is an open style based on the universal principles of motion, action, and energy.

This is the most technical part of the book, although the subject is covered more from a principal and strategy approach rather than specific techniques.

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The White Lotus was a fertile ground for fomenting rebellion.

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